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The Nameless One - Nameless EnertainmentArron R. Howard's love of music began very early in life, being exposed to many different forms of music, from eclectic jazz to the Temptations, and Earth Wind and Fire, even the likes of Pink Floyd. Arron received his first radio as a Christmas gift in 1977, which had seen it's share of use. That radio fueled Arron's passion for music.

In the 80's, Arron got a healthy dose of rap, punk, new wave, funk and soulful love songs, all of which had a hand in expanding his musical tastes. Creating mix tapes from the radio, and supplying the tunes for break dancing sessions and gatherings with friends, made Arron feel this was a hobby that was going somewhere.

Throughout the years that followed, many upgrades from that first radio came along. In 1991, Arron started entertaining crowds at family reunions and picnics. After a major overhaul in 2001, Nameless Entertainment was officially created, and expanded services to include weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events were added.

You're probably asking why NAMELESS?? All the good names were taken!

Seriously, I chose the name, because you are the reason people came to your party, and although I play an important role in the event, I am not the focus of attention, hence, I shall remain Nameless.

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